December 5, 2023

Getting Ready
Series: Advent
Pastor Rob Wilson
During the Advent season, I will be using the "Revised Common Lectionary" (scripture passages chosen from the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament by an ecumenical group of Christian denominations) to lead us through this special season. Advent is meant to be much more than a 'nostalgic look back' at the Christmas story or a 'countdown to Christmas'. Rather, the Advent season invites us to look backwards at how God first came to dwell with humanity in the birth of Christ while also looking forward to when Christ will come again. Many people missed the first coming of Christ because their focus was on the wrong thing or their expectations did not allow them to see and listen to Jesus. The question we ask in Advent is whether we are focused on the right things or have the correct expectations so that we do not miss the second coming of Christ. This week, our readings will focus us on Christ's second coming and where many people find these verses to be confusing and chaotic, Jesus uses them to teach us some important lessons about living in perceived chaos. I hope you will be able to use the following questions to reflect on our sermon today or discuss it with a spiritual friend(s):

  1. Pastor Rob asked at the beginning of the sermon to name a time when our life felt chaotic, confusing, or out of control. As you name that chaotic time, reflect on the emotions you felt are perhaps are feeling right now?
  2. Read Mark 3 again as an entire chapter. Pastor Rob made the case that Jesus' descriptions in these verses felt 'chaotic' and can be intimidating to many people. Do you agree and what parts struck you the most?
  3. Jesus gives one clear message over and over by using a variety of words that have a similar meaning: "KEEP WATCH...STAY ALERT..BE VIGILANT".  What does that look like in our daily Christian lives? 

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