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"Following Jesus in the Company of Friends"

North Point Church is a place where people can meet Jesus,  engage in life-giving community, and everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts and use them for God's glory. Join us for our Sunday services!

You are invited on Sunday mornings at 9:30am

1779 NE Hostmark St, Poulsbo

Current Sermon Series

"Remember your baptism". Those are the words a Presbyterian pastor says at the beginning of every baptism. This is because baptism is not just for the individual being baptized but it is also a 'sign' for the entire community. It points us to the ancient rite that welcomes people into Christian community. It points to the reality that before we loved God, God loved us. It points to Jesus' own baptism before he entered into the wilderness and begins his public ministry. It points to the promise of our sins being washed away and also to the filling of the Holy Spirit in our lives. But most importantly we say these words because they remind us that we are bonded or 'sealed' to Christ in baptism. And when we are bonded to Christ, we hear the words: I love you; you are my beloved; I go with you always. On Sunday we will explore the sacrament of baptism and what it means to our life and our lives together. Please join me as we will "remember your baptism". 

Pastor Rob

Lenten Devotional

We know the practice of Lent was well established by the 4th century. The word Lent is germanic in origin and means ‘lengthening’ as in days, so often interpreted Springtime. 
Let’s assume, as some do, that the genesis of Lent came from early followers of Jesus preparing for 46 days to be baptized on Easter. And let’s assume that this practice was so meaningful that they took up the practice every year thereafter, not only to be refreshed again in their baptismal waters, but to actually mature, grow, and deepen their spiritual life with Jesus and other Jesus followers.  
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North Point Church is Hiring!

We are currently seeking people for two open positions at North Point Church: Children's Ministries Director and Youth Ministries Director.  Please visit our Employment Opportunities page to learn more about these positions and share with anyone that you think would be interested in joining our team. 

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