our story

How it all started...

North Point Church is a Presbyterian (PCUSA) Christian community of faith that loves others as we are loved by God. Motivated by God’s generous grace we are on a journey to  become the people He created us to be: worshiping Him, loving one another, and serving our community and beyond.  We don’t think we’re perfect or have all the answers. We’re simply sinners saved by God’s grace.  We’re seekers who were lost and have now been found by Jesus and we want other seekers to know Him, too. Wherever you are in this journey, we welcome you to join us.

We strive to be a community where people can wrestle with difficult questions about what it means to follow Jesus. Our Statement of Faith explains what we believe.

Our History

North Point Church began in 2001 as a branch campus of Central Kitsap Presbyterian Church. Meeting at the North Kitsap High School, its vision was to reach out to unchurched people with a welcoming heart, creative, contemporary worship and a gracious Biblical message.

Founding pastor, Jeff Chandler, led North Point through its first 5 years during which time it established a strong core congregation. When Jeff left to pursue further study, the present pastor, Mike Pickard, was called to lead the congregation in the second chapter of its story.

Because we were committed to reaching out and growing as a congregation, we realized that the school facilities limited our options. So we began immediately to think about building a church on the five acres of property owned by the Seattle Presbytery right across the street from the High School. The Presbytery had purchased the property in 1994, hoping to plant a congregation there. Now, perhaps that vision would be realized.

So the congregation organized as a separate congregation and moved forward with planning for the construction of the present building on Hostmark Street. We were greatly encouraged by the generous response of the congregation to our fundraising and were able to move forward with the initial phases of design and planning, and eventually construction. During the whole period of this project we sensed God’s encouragement and provision.

The third chapter in our story—life in our new building—has just begun. We are blessed with a congregation of faithful, creative, compassionate and generous followers of Jesus who love our community and are eager to see what doors of ministry are opened to us in the years to come.

Our Lead Pastor, Rob Wilson and his wife Barb came to North Point in 2021 from Colorado. He is committed to keeping Christ at the center of our lives, focused on shared values, and seeking out the Spirit’s leading in how to serve and love our community. He is passionate about leading the effort to build a healthy church community which embraces the journey God is leading us on. What most excites Rob about North Point is our shared values, the faithfulness it takes to begin a new season of ministry and our strategic location for serving the community with Christ’s love.

We believe that we are uniquely gifted and called to appeal to thoughtful spiritual seekers, wounded unchurched believers, and to students and their families of the schools near our property.

We believe that we exist as a congregation for others and not just for ourselves. We believe that our children and youth are special to God and that they will spiritually thrive in an intergenerational ministry. We believe that the North Kitsap community is special and that we are called to support it with our prayers, volunteerism, and the generous sharing of our property.

Above all, we believe that North Point has prospered thus far because God is gracious, and wanted it to happen. We give him the glory and commit ourselves to do the hard work of love and service that embody what Jesus means when he calls us to follow him.

So far, a wide variety of people, representative of the greater Poulsbo community, have helped us write the third chapter of our story by making North Point their home. We invite all the readers of this website to join us in our journey—the journey of following Jesus in the company of friends for sake of others.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:30 am.