Freedom Project India

North Point Church has partnered with Anita Kanaiya (Center) and The Freedom Project India for  some years now. We have witnessed the immense effect they have had on impoverished communities including direct rescue work, creating the “Azadi” home for rescued girls, Soccer  outreach touching 900 at-risk boys, daycare, education, life skills and leadership training and many  other programs.
"We believe in and value freedom and equality  as basic human rights. Those trapped in poverty and exploitative situations have been denied these rights. We are committed to  restoring these gifts and enabling precious lives to be lived to their full potential."
“Hearty Wholesome Bakery”
Azadi is TFPI’s government licensed safe  house, where women survivors are taken  through a 2-year rehabilitation and restoration  program that focuses on holistic care. Besides  meeting their immediate needs for food and  shelter, the goal of Azadi is to empower each  woman to acquire employment, become  entrepreneurs and ultimately become  financially-independent and self-sufficient. The  above bakery is one of these unique efforts.
The Soccer program aims at improving the  quality of life for 1500 young boys and their  families in 30 underprivileged communities  
across Bangalore, through the facilitation of a  
sports program, livelihood training and family citizen role models and agents of change to  contribute towards positive, sustainable  outcomes for the target communities.

We believe that the fight against poverty and  injustice needs to be a collaborative effort.   We hold justice and mercy in the highest  regard to bring hope to a hurting, broken world.   We are committed to seeing the cycle of  poverty broken, the enslaved set free, the  oppressed delivered, the perpetrators brought  to justice and justice and mercy prevail.

Anita Kanaiya is a dedicated advocate for the poor and oppressed women and children in India,  and a fighter for justice. Passionate about seeing an India that is empowered and skilled, she speaks  and trains regularly around the world for the empowerment of Indian women and youth, and in support  of community transformation through sport.

With over twenty years in leadership and organizational management, Anita Kanaiya has been instrumental in initiating and providing leadership in Bangalore for missing and exploited people.  Working with Indian government agencies, she has greatly improved the ability to identify women and  children who are, or could be, victims of trafficking locally and internationally. She has been serving on  all levels from regular involvement in raids on brothels to establishing changes in policies affecting  victims of slavery. Some victims are infants and children too young to speak for themselves. Because young women rescued from brothels are matriculated through the penal system, care for their needs  devolved into abuse within the system. Due to the lack of adequate care, she began Azadi (Freedom)  house, a unique concept in India, caring for the medical, emotional, spiritual and life-sustenance needs of these women and their young children.